Mobile version of your small business website

Don’t miss the boat by failing to float a mobile version of your small business website

By Mike  Rogers

No Excuses For Non-Mobilized Websites: Report. If nothing can convince businesses they’re dumb not to optimize Internet content for cell phones, consider the jaw-dropping 2000 percent growth in mobile-ready websites, as reported today by web mobilization tool providers dotMobi. Yes, that’s a two and three zeroes. Clearly, anyone who doesn’t try to reach customers with mobile content really are hand-delivering them to rival companies.

In its report, titled “Mobile Web Progress,” dotMobi found that the number of mobile websites grew from 150,000 in 2008 to 3.01 million in 2010, faster than the growth of websites viewed on desktop computers. Of the top 1,000 websites as ranked by the intelligence firm Alexa, 40.1 percent are mobile-friendly; of the top 10,000 sites, 29.7 percent.

Comment – The astonishing growth of iPhones, Android and Blackberry smart phones means that more and more of your customers are visiting your website over a mobile device instead of a desktop. What do they see? Is the site easy to navigate on a tiny screen? Can they make a spontaneous purchase if the spirit moves them? Talk to your IT consultant or utilize one of the many plug-and-play mobilizing services on the web. By the way, the Small Business Association of Michigan’s mobile site is up. Use your mobile device to visit us.


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