Making Every Day a Good Day

Why is it that we expect perfection from ourselves when it comes to trying to lose weight?  Come on now, you know what I mean… any of you who have dieted in the past have had this “extremely high,” unrealistic expectation set for yourself, right?  And since we all know that nobody is perfect, it’s only a matter of time until you will eventually go off that diet and allow yourself to claim defeat, feeling as though you might as well just give up!

Before you know it, you’ve convinced yourself that you’re a complete failure as you proclaim that you will just stay fat forever!  I’ve been there myself, hundreds of times, before I changed my lifestyle.  I remember failing one diet after another, allowing each of these “failed diets” to create an entire day of complete negativity.  I guess you could call these times my “bad” days; and, during these “bad” days, I would notice all of life’s imperfections as I focused on how much work had to be done that day, how ugly I looked, how many bills I had, etc. – everything appeared so negative.  What’s funny is that during the “good” days… I felt that my appearance was just fine, I didn’t focus on my bills, and even my daily workload was no big deal at all… and everything in my life was great!

The “bad” days happen to all of us now and then; but I will admit, they don’t happen to me much anymore.  I guess it’s because I learned that I can make EVERY DAY a “good” day – I am not perfect and there is NO perfect diet plan!  Diets do NOT work because they are too strict as far as I’m concerned!  I look at it this way: If diets worked, then why did I remain obese for 25 years while following hundreds of them?

Once I realized that I could lose weight and live healthier – that I did NOT need to DIET EVER again – the majority of my days were “good” days because I felt like I NEVER failed!  I wasn’t dieting anymore, my focus was making healthier choices throughout the day; I couldn’t fail at that now, could I?  I knew that I wanted to lose weight and that I would if I continued to do this every day, so I did!

It’s awesome when you make the decision to change your lifestyle because you know you don’t have to be restricted (eat perfectly) like you do when you’re on a “diet.”  I like the fact that there are 21 meals per week to consume and if you happen to “go overboard” on a couple meals per week, it really is okay because you’re “eating right” for the other 19!  This is a healthy lifestyle that you are now focusing on – not perfection!

In fact, do not ever expect perfection… it just isn’t possible, no matter what you may think!  You are living healthier, thus you will achieve your goals!  It’s time to enjoy more “good” days, don’t you think?  I do!  In fact, to make yourself feel really “good,” tell those diets goodbye today – forever!!!

You ARE A SUCCESS and I will always believe in you ~ Jodi  =)


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