NET Fit Club – 5K Training

The race date is Thursday, November 25th also known as Thanksgiving 馃檪 Ideally, we would like everyone to run the Turkey Trot in Detroit Thanksgiving morning with Grace and I.

You need to do 4 things:
1. Sign up at to register
2. Choose a race to run
3. Choose a training plan that works for you
4. Post information on on your training progress, share goals met and challenges you may face. We are here to support each other during this training!

With traveling to Detroit being a possible barrier, Below are other Turkey Trot races throughout the state that day, so sign up for whatever race suits you and your location!
Gazelle Sports Gobble Wobble, Grand Rapids 8:00 am, Grand Rapids, MI
Turkey Trot 8:30 am, Ann Arbor, MI
路 Lansing Turkeyman Trot 9:00 am, Lansing, MI
Detroit Turkey Trot 8:00 am, Detroit, MI
Gobbler Gallop Trail Run 9:00 am, Saginaw, MI
1st Source Bank/Niles-Buchanan YMCA Thanksgiving Day 5K Walk, 5K Run, 10K Run Niles, MI | Midwest Running Events starts at 12:00 pm, Niles, MI

Also, if you can’t run on Thanksgiving Day, train and run your own 5K sometime that week or weekend!!

Posted are 6 and 8 week training schedules that you can use as a guide to train for this 5K. If you are going to follow the 8 week training plan like Grace and I, get your running shoes out, we start on Monday!!

8 week Beginner
Hal Higdon – Novice –

8 week Intermediate
Hal Higdon – Intermediate –

8 week Advanced
Hal Higdon – Advanced –

6 week Beginner
Your First 5K Race – Running Planet –

Beginner Training Plan – Fitness Magazine –

I also wanted to include the awesome “Couch to 5K” training program as well. This is 9 weeks, you can combine a week or two to make the timeframe of 8 weeks:

The Couch-to-5K 庐 Running Plan –

I have also posted a link for running shoes if you need assistance with that as well.

Choosing a Shoe: The Very Basics – Shoes – Runner’s World

We are looking forward to this journey together. Those who train together, succeed together!!

Get your running shoes out and see you on!!

About Grace Derocha

Grace Derocha is a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and certified health coach. She loves helping others learn how to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Grace was born and raised in Michigan. She is a wife, mommy, Spartan, and avid Detroit sports fan. She loves food, music, dancing, shopping, reading, and smiling.
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