Seniors Play the Day Away at the Senior Olympics

They came from all over metro Detroit to challenge themselves and each other. I attended the 26th Annual Detroit Senior Olympics at the Belle Isle Casino in June and was amazed by the enthusiasm and ability of the contestants. The event, sponsored by the Detroit Area Agency on Aging, ran for an impressive four days and presented an exciting variety of events, including basketball, baseball, track events, swimming tennis, and even more leisurely events such as checkers and billiards.

According to every senior citizen I talked to, staying active and healthy well into his or her later years has been invaluable in staying youthful and spry. I found myself hoping that I too will manage to stay that limber in years to come. I was also completely taken aback by some seniors telling me that they are able to bicycle up to 50 miles in one day, or walk 6 miles every day without breaking a sweat. Wait, what? I can barely run a mile without lumbering through the last legs of it. Time for me to take note and step it up!

Clearly, as evidenced from my day’s visit to the Senior Olympics, staying active and living healthily even when you’re older has worthwhile benefits. Check out the Healthy Seniors video to see what some of the competitors like to do to stay healthy and active. Our own Grace Arriola (HealthierMIGrace) features, and stresses that exercise is “the best medicine”. You can read more extensively about this at one of her past blog posts.

Do you have any older friends or relatives that are truly young for their age? Or, if you are a senior citizen yourself, what do you do to keep yourself active and healthy?

(Special thanks go out to the Detroit Area Agency on Aging and the Detroit Recreational Department for their support and commitment to senior health and wellness, and for such a fun event!)


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