Meet My Friend Jon

Meet My Friend Jon

Good morning! It’s unreal how quickly this week flew by, but understandable since it was a short workweek. I’m not complaining a bit since I’ve been looking forward to this Saturday, June 5th, for quite some time. Why? Well, because I will be visiting the town of Brighton where thousands of cyclists will be pedaling toward a cure for a deadly disease: DIABETES.

The Tour de Cure, a fundraising event for the American Diabetes Association, helps support thousands of Michigan residents who live with Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes every day of their life. Find out more:

Not only am I honored to give a presentation once the riders return, but I am also thrilled to know that my good friend Jon Stanton will be participating in the Tour de Cure! Jon will also be giving a presentation since he is the “Step Out and Walk Ambassador” for the American Diabetes Association in Michigan and Northwest Ohio… and I can’t wait to hear Jon speak! I realize that I already know his success story – how he once weighed 430 lbs. and walked off 230 lbs. – but he has a way of allowing others to realize that they can do what he has done. Yes, Jon always brings a tear to my eyes!

For those of you who don’t know Jon, I am including some of his “own words” that he has kindly shared with all WalkyTalk members. (Click here for his entire story.)

“I was constantly tired, short of breath, would break into cold sweats. My whole body ached, especially my joints, and my lower legs were turning dark blue because of poor circulation. When my hair started falling out and I started feeling strange flutters in my chest, I decided I needed to pay the doctor a visit. I was already taking medications for high blood pressure and I thought my thyroid was out of whack. Well, the blood work came back, and I was definitely out of whack. It wasn’t my thyroid, though, it was my blood sugar. My A1C rating was 8.2; 7 and below is considered normal. The doctor wanted to put me on oral diabetic medications. However, it is what he said that changed my life for the better. Many of the weight-loss stories I read involved some sort of “turning point” or “wake-up call.” My doctor looked me in the eye and said, “If you continue to follow the same lifestyle, you will be dead by the time you are 50, and the last 10 years of your existence will be miserable. However, if you make changes now, you can enjoy a long and happy life.” I asked him to give me a chance before we started medicine. I immediately began exercising and changing my diet. I ate more fruits and vegetables, adopted a mostly “organic” diet, and began a walking program. The first few weeks were hell. My legs hurt, I thought I was going to keel over at any minute, and I struggled with what I ate. I refused to give up, however, and have continued to make forward progress. As of this writing, approximately 11 months later, I am down to 260 pounds. I never needed diabetic medication because my sugar returned to normal within three months, and now registers on the low side. I have cut back my blood pressure medication, and anticipate discontinuing it this summer. I walk an average of 3-5 miles per day, have more energy than I can remember having in years, and feel great!”

Jon was determined to change, to be given a chance before starting any diabetic medication… and he did it! We are all so proud of Jon for all his accomplishments! So if you would like to shake Jon’s hand and congratulate him, please join us at the Brighton High School after 1:00 PM on Saturday. We’d love to talk to you!

Also, we both would like to invite each of you to walk with us on Saturday, August 7th, as we participate in the Coloma Glad/Peach 5K Walk! Note that there is also a 5K-10K Run, 5K-10K Bike Event, and a “Fun Run” for the kids. Sign up today!

Have a great weekend ~ Jodi

Visit to learn more about starting a walking routine.


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