What do you do for motivation?

The Wall Street Journal reports today on an interesting study that links social support to lasting gains in a person’s commitment to exercise. In the study, participants received regular phone calls tracking how well they followed their exercise goals. Those who received calls from people (as opposed to computers) logged the most activity.

From the story:

Abby King, a Stanford professor of medicine and health research and policy… says people trying to change unhealthy behaviors generally need something more than willpower. “Whether it’s smoking or alcohol use or physical inactivity, social support helps prevent against relapse,” says Dr. King. But the support doesn’t have to be constant. “A light touch can have a lasting effect,” she says.

We all have times when we know we should work out but are tempted by an equally strong, opposite force. It nearly happened to me last night, when I nearly scrapped my plans to go to the gym as I started feeling tired from the long day. In the end, I made myself get up from the computer and start changing into my workout clothes before I could talk myself out of it. But believe me, sometimes I fall pray to laziness.

What have you found helpful to get you motivated and out the door?

Sven Gustafson

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Sven Gustafson is a senior writer in the Office of the President at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. He enjoys food, running, soccer and exploring Detroit and Michigan at large.

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