First Friday Fit Club: Week #3 Results

Fall down seven times, stand up eight.
~Japanese proverb

Greetings First Friday Fit Club and AHM community,

Join me in congratulating Cynthia on reporting the highest percentage loss this week. Cynthia lost 2.4%.

Week #3 weight loss results are in and this week, some of us struggled. Some participants gained weight and others didn’t achieve the results they worked hard for. We can’t be discouraged. There are going to be bumps in the road with every challenge.

I am among the disappointed. I had trained harder, watched what I ate and on Monday, I reported zero loss. To say I was bummed is an understatement. Normally I don’t do second weigh-in’s but today I did, and I showed a one pound loss. One pound after all that sweat and tears?! Please allow me the melodrama for a moment.

Remember I advised all of you to get a buddy? Well, my buddy is my guy and the good guy he is, he sought out some professional advice. In two separate requests, two nutritionists said based on my diet last week, my level of activity, my age and metabolic rate for my age- my results are as good as they’re going to get. Both said I would likely see an increase in lean muscle (I have), my fitness level would improve (It has) but I’d see little weight loss (I’m averaging one pound per week).

They said given my age (45), I will have to increase my intensity and the number of times I work out per week and I’ll have to seriously restrict my complex carb intake. Oh, the joy. I can live with training harder, but let’s be honest: I love to eat- too much. That’s why I’m participating in this challenge.

Listen, if you’re unhappy with your progress, sulk a bit, lick your wounds, and then draft a new game plan. Ask yourself how are you going to get this done?

If you don’t know, it’s time to ask those who are seeing results. Honestly ask yourself if you exercising enough. Are you making conscious, healthy food choices? Are you actively participating in the group? I signed on for FFFC because I believe in the power of community. I believe we can do more when we are drawing on the strength of others and we are equally supporting others.

If you’re my age, you know we can’t afford to give up. We know as we age our body talks to us. When we fail to care for our bodies, we find we are sick or tired more often. Our bodies are less forgiving. Abuse your body and you’ll feel it sooner than later. Every year we put off getting healthier the more challenging it is. If you’re younger, do you want it to be more difficult to address your weight and fitness level issues years later?

We have resources. FFFC exists so we can support one another. AHM is chock full of helpful, expert advice.

What are you going to take off the table to reach your goals? Me? I hit the gym this morning (6am) and I was on a mission. I started a new interval training workout. I am committed to my health. Tell me you are, too.


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