Weight Loss for Busy Women

We live busy lives. Get up in the morning, get the kids ready for school, go to work, come home from work, take the kids to their after school activities, cook the family dinner, help the kids with their homework, get the kids into bed, and then try to decompress for a little bit before going to bed ourselves. Wake up in the morning and repeat that cycle.

Where can you find time for exercise in all that?

It doesn’t help that a study comes out that states in order for women to fight the flab, they need an hour a day of exercise.

At least an hour of moderate activity a day is needed for older women at a healthy weight who aren’t dieting. For those who are already overweight — and that’s most American women — even more exercise is called for to avoid gaining weight without eating less, the study results suggest.

One hour each and every day is a pretty tough sell. In a follow up to the article above, many women tend to kind of scoff at the idea:

Dr. Mary Tillema, 42, a neonatologist at the medical center, said an hour a day of moderate exercise will be tough. “I think that’s a lot to ask of the typical person. If I don’t watch what I eat, I gain, even though I try to consistently exercise.”

Which is important to note that the study only dealt with looking at women that were exercising and not changing their diet. Diet is the most important part of weight loss. You can add in all the exercise you want but if you continue to eat a pizza a day, you’re not going to see the scale drop much.

What makes me a bit curious though is that the study only talked about “moderate” exercise. According to the article, “moderate” exercise is defined as something such as brisk walking, leisurely bicycling and golfing.

Those are fine to do but, what if you were able to exercise at a higher intensity, for less time?

I had talked about a little bit ago in a post about interval training studies where subjects that did six interval training sessions of a 30 minute workout on a bike over a period of two weeks was just as effective as doing 10 hours of steady state cardio over the same period of time.

Meaning, you could cut the “moderate” exercise of 10 hours over a course of two weeks to three hours over two weeks if you increased the intensity to a “high” level.

30 minutes a day, three days a week of a high intensity workout to fight the flab.

Does that sound more doable for a weight loss program for the busy women of the world?

Here’s an example of what a bodyweight workout could be for a beginner that you can do in your own home:

There’s two exercises in this routine:  a Star Jump and a Kneeling Plank.

Image of the start of a Star Jump:

Motion of the Star Jump:

It’s basically like a jumping jack, you’re just getting into a lower squat position at the bottom.

Kneeling Plank:

Keep and eye on a clock or a watch.  You’re going to start off and do 10 repetitions of Star Jumps.  Then with no rest, do a 30 second hold of a Kneeling Plank.  Then go back and do another 10 Star Jumps followed by a 30 second Kneeling Plank hold.  Keep going back and forth between exercises for 10 minutes, all with no rest between the exercises.

After you’ve completed that, rest for about 2-3 minutes, then you’re going to move on to another 10 minute round between two new exercises:  a Lying Hip Extension and a Wall Pushup.

Lying Hip Extension:

Wall Pushups:

Start with 10 Lying Hip Extensions and without any rest do 10 Wall Pushups.  Then with no rest go back and do another 10 Lying Hip Extensions followed again by another 10 Wall Pushups.  Continue doing sets of Lying Hip Extensions and Wall Pushups with no rest between sets until you’ve done it for 10 minutes.

That’s it!

It’s a beginner workout that uses the largest muscles in your body at a high intensity which means that it’s going to make the body burn more calories during the recovery period than if you were to do slow steady state cardio for the same amount of time.

Quick, but intense, and effective for weight loss but also very practical for the busy women of the world.

Mike Navin, CSCS
30 Minute Workout


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