Introducing The First Friday Fit Club

Hello all,

Today I’m launching our First Friday Fit Club blog and I’m excited. We have a lot going on and tracking our activities in a centralized space rocks.

If you don’t know about us, we are a fabulous, fit-bound group of women. Our goal is to support each other’s effort to become healthy and fit. Each week we take on a food, exercise and lifestyle challenge.

Some members are participating in our 12-week weight loss challenge. For our challenge, we have bi-weekly prizes; we provide healthy snacks in our fitness center, and we host a monthly potluck. Our first potluck is May 7th at Blue Cross Detroit Towers.

You can learn more about The First Friday Fit Club here. Check out Week #1 and Week #2 challenges. Moving forward, challenges will be published on the blog.

This week was our first weigh-in and the results were fantastic! Out of 14 challenge participants, 5 achieved weight loss. No one gained and everyone participated. Yay for TFFFC! We can do this.

Next week, we will announce our first bi-weekly winner. And we have great prizes: hand weights, a yoga mat, food planner and more.

If you’ve been reading me in the forums, you quickly learned I love to eat. For those of you who don’t know, I invite you to check out my “Confessions of Foodie.” Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland or boring. Read my confessions and you’ll never think of vegetables or vegetarian the same way.

The First Friday Fit Club is a dynamic group of women committed to improving our eating habits and fitness levels. We want to improve the quality of our lives. Join us. Comment and take on the challenges. Share your experience and knowledge. We’d love to have you.

In good health,


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