Past dieting experiences is a very popular subject. To this day, I have yet to encounter someone who doesn’t have his or her own “dieting” story to share.

This is a time when I seem to learn quite a bit about myself. I’ve found that I have more in common with most people than I had previously thought. And I’ve also discovered some things about myself that I never knew before.

For example, I was speaking to an old acquaintance about losing weight and answering some of her questions. She explained that all of her previous diets failed because she was impatient. She wanted results now! Diets take time and she didn’t like that. Each diet she tried failed because of the “waiting” time. Years ago, I had the same issue.

I like getting things done-not only quickly, but in the correct way. When dieting in the past, I not only went about them in the “incorrect” way, but I didn’t realize that dieting was something that I couldn’t accomplish quickly-this week, today, or NOW!

Obviously, I knew that I couldn’t lose 160+ lbs in one week, but I avoided the fact that it would take more than a year. I was in a type of “dream world,” thinking that the weight would come off in just a few months. It took longer than that for me to gain it, so I don’t know why I thought I could lose it quickly? Like I said, just dreaming.

I think most of us go through life situations where we want to enjoy a planned or special event today! How many times, as children, did we count the days until our birthday party, or more exciting yet, Christmas? As we grew older, we could barely wait until the day we graduated high school, then years later, college. Before long, we’re planning a wedding down to the very last detail, sometimes years in advance…just waiting for that day to come. And then, for some of us, a pregnancy is announced, and for nine months we wait. And wait. We are expecting wonderful results and realize it takes this amount of time, but it’s still very difficult to wait. But, we can’t change the facts or make the time go by faster, so we simply accept it.

The same acceptance needs to happen once you’ve decided to become healthy and lose some weight, especially if you are currently at an obese level. Again: you can’t change the facts or make the time go by faster. ALL good things take time! And often, those good things are well worth the time spent waiting.

When I began this new lifestyle, I realized that it would be for LIFE. It was the first time that I didn’t expect to lose all of my weight immediately. I acknowledge the fact that it would come off slowly, but it would stay off-which it has! I learned to be patient about losing my weight, all 162 lbs. of it! Yes, it took 16 months-about 10 lbs. per month, or 2.5 lbs. per week-but it has stayed off for over 5 year. So, being patient worked for me!

Think about what I just wrote-it’s true. Reread it if you have to. And this time, you can make patience work for YOU.



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  1. Jill 8 years ago

    What advice would you give those of us who “only” have 10-15 lbs to lose? I am feeling that this weight problem could be just as devastating as 100 lbs, but maybe I’m wrong. I know it causes me much emotional distress. What kind of a time frame should we be preparing ourselves for? I’ve been working on this all summer, (for years actually but more seriously over the summer) and am not seeing results. A nasty cold virus since late September has sidelined most of my exercise efforts. (I’m also home schooling two boys, and deal with fibromyalgia/hypoglycemia/energy issues) Not trying to whine (or maybe I am!) but trying to figure out if my expectations have been unrealistic. I was doing low carbing, and now I’m just counting calories, trying to keep the carbs/fats lower (1500)but reasonable. I am 5’2″ and weigh 137. I’m sick of seeing this number on the scale! I know it takes longer for the last few pounds but these are my first few pounds, and they won’t budge. You are right that completely avoiding problem foods creates desire for more (a la Smartfood popcorn last night!). (-: I would like to get to 125-130 to feel better and less pudgy and heavy. Walking outdoors in this weather is bad for my FM and getting a treadmill is very expensive. Your comments on this would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Jodi Davis 8 years ago

    Jill, first of all please understand that I am not a doctor or a nutrionist. I can only share the information that helped me lose my weight. I was consuming appx. 1,200 calories a day – making sure to include all the food groups. Unfortunately I don’t have any information regarding low carb dieting but I’m certain your personal physician can answer any questions you have regarding that type of diet plan. As far as time frame for losing weight. I’ve read that 2-3 lbs a week is the healthiest and I was fortunate enough to achieve that. Keeping a “I CAN DO” attitude helped me immensely instead of telling myself that “I can’t” as I had done hundreds of times in the past. As far as exercising, my choice was walking as you know, and I agree that a treadmill purchase can be very expensive & that is why I didn’t have one during my weight loss period. I would turn up the radio and dance for 1/2 hour, never stopping, or run in place in front of the t.v. for 25 minutes or so. My motto was “NO EXCUSES!” and it still is. Believe in yourself, and keep a positive attitude reminding yourself that you CAN lose the weight… it is achievable! Good luck and keep me posted on your success!